Jorge R. Pombo is a self-taught painter born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1973. 

At the age of 24, in 1998, he moved to Paris instinctively attracted by the art and history of this city. In 1999, back again in Barcelona, he began a series of stays in different places of cultural contrast starting with the Arctic, especially Greenland and Siberia, initially attracted by the frozen landscape and extreme weather. Later he will do the same in other landscapes such as Tibet or India.

Always moved by a natural anthropological curiosity, in 2010 he moves to New York, seduced by its chaotic energy. He will reside for almost five years and will deepen in the study of abstract expressionist painters and, above all, the statements of The Balck Mountain College. In 2015 he changed residence again to Reggio Emilia, where he currently works.

The key to understanding his artistic proposal is the concept of «struggle of opposites». Figuration against abstraction, narrative image against process of abstract nature, image against words, the excellence of the icons of the history of European painting against the a non message picture… that leads him to use instruments such as white painting with a roller, typical of the wall painters, that is, those who paint without concepts or ideas, emptying the content of the images. His positioning is a tribute and iconoclasm to painting itself at the same time.

He exhibits regularly in galleries in Spain, Italy, China, France, Germany and the United States. He has also exhibited his work in institutions such as the Wallraf-Richartz Museum (Cologne), the Grande Museo del Duomo (Milano), La Scuola Grande di San Rocco (Venice), Can Framis (Barcelona) and the 59th Venice Biennale.

Solo shows (selection)



«Variations on Singer Sargent’s The Daughters of Edward Boit», Childs Gallery, Boston, USA.


«Habitat», CCT Centre Cultural Terrassa, Spain.


“Tintoretto · Pombo. Maternity and Passion”, Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Venice, Italy.

“Variations on a 1552 Tintoretto”, Being3 Gallery. Beijing, China.


“Tintoretto · Pombo. Passion and Justice”, Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Venice, Italy. 

“Variations on The Massacre of the Innocents”, Galleria Artantide. Verona, Italy. 

“Maps”, Palazzo da Mosto. Reggio Emilia, Italy. 

“Jorge R. Pombo. Journey to the Essence of painting”, Museu Can Framis. Barcelona, Spain. 

“Variations on Tintoretto”, Artur Ramon Art. Barcelona, Spain. 


“Variations on Tintoretto”, Wallraf Museum. Cologne, Germany. Special Project. 


“Variations on Tintoretto”, Galleria Stefano Forni. Bologna, Italy.

“Religare”, Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano. Italy. 

“Religare. Beyond the Sea”. Église de Saint Nicolas. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

“Religare” Instituto Cervantes. New York, USA.


“Lucca – The Passion”, Church of San Cristoforo. Lucca, Italy. 

“Mapes”, Galeria El Quadern Robat. Barcelona, Spain.


“Variations on Tintoretto”, Scuola dei Mercanti, Madonna dell’Orto. Venice, Italy. 


“Jorge R. Pombo“, Espace Courant d´Art. Chevenez, Switzerland.


“Paintings. 2000-2007”, Tinglado 1. Tarragona, Spain. 
“Cities”, Galeria Joan Prats-Art Gràfic. Barcelona, Spain. 


“Istanbul”, Embassy of Spain in Andorra. Organized by UNICEF. 


“Variations on Painting”, Tecla Sala. Barcelona, Spain. 


“Windows”, Galería Manuel Ojeda. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.


“Intro”, Galeria Joan Prats-Art Gràfic. Barcelona, Spain. 

Group Shows (selection)


59th Venice Biennale, Cameroon Pavilion.

«ReGenesis», Museo Diocesano di Vicenza, Italy.

Museu da Arte de Blumenau, Brazil.


«Conditio Humana» at Kunsthandlung Osper, Cologne, Germany.


«ReGenesis», Galleria Artantide, Verona, Italy.


Curitiva Biennial, Brazil.

Beijing Biennial, China.


“Arteologia”, Museo Archeologico di Venezia (Museo Correr). Venice, Italy. 


“Art Spaces”, Joint Research Center. Ispra, Vienna, Sofia, Venice, Monte Carlo…

Organized by the European Commission. 

“Percorso Arte Etica”, Galleria Artantide. Verona, Italy. 

“St. Moritz Art Master”, Kulm Hotel. St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Art Karlsruhe (Art fair), One man show. Germany.


BDG Gallery. New York, USA.


“A museum for a summer” Galerie Courant d’Art. Chevenez, Switzerland.


“3 Under 40”, Marlborough Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

“Living with Art”, London, Christie´s auction feb. 10. London, UK.


“Tapies and the young painters” Galerie Courant d’Art, Chevenez, Switzerland.


“Paintings”, Galeria Joan Prats – Artgrafic, Barcelona, Spain.


“Dialogues with water”, by Intermon Oxfam. Madrid, Zaragoza, Sevilla and Barcelona. Spain. 
“Monografia” Palau Solterra. Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, Spain. 


IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno). Valencia, Spain. 


“Generación 2003”, La Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain.
Itinerant exhibition: Madrid, Barcellona, Sevilla, Santander (Spain) and Caiscais (Portugal)